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Raw Taboo: Group Project

by SLR Originals


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Raw Taboo: Group Project

200° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
Dec 2, 2023
Positions: leaning, staying
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Remember having classmates over to work on school assignments? It was always a great way to spend time with friends outside of school. Your stepdaughter Athena thought they were going to get some classwork done when she invited stepsisters Demi and Tiana over to your place. Until they start mocking her for being a virgin, that is. Is she being bullied? Time to step in and teach these brats a lesson! Although this delinquent duo might be more than you can handle. Forget the schoolhouse, they’ll make your house rock as they give Athena a makeover: Lose the glasses, let your hair down, and make out with us while we all suck your stepdad’s cock! Wait, what?! These girls are a bad influence on everybody around them. Next thing you know, Tiana and Demi are licking your cum out of Athena’s pussy. Oops. This might have ended in you fucking your stepdaughter in a crazy foursome — but surely you’ll be able to discipline these slutty schoolgirls properly the next time they get together to work on a group project.

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