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Innocent Athena

by SLR Originals


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190° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
May 18, 2024
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Athena Heart is your teenage babysitter. She loves babysitting, but is a bit of a sheltered ditz, and doesn't seem to understand much about how they're made in the first place. Her friends told her all about the birds and the bees earlier this week and ever since she's been unable to keep her mind of sex, watching porn all the time and dreaming about getting fucked. As an older man and a role model, maybe you can teach her a thing or two… Your wife wouldn’t mind some sex education, right? Athena’s the babysitter, so you’ll maybe kiss her and call it a day. Of course, that’s not enough to satiate Athena’s curiosity. She wants the full course, and you find yourself showing her the ropes as you try your best to resist slinging some ropes. Of course, resistance is futile, and it’s not long before you’ve creampied this bright eyed teen. Oops! Hopefully you haven’t knocked her up too…

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